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Aromatherapy Facial Treatment

Experience the transformative power of Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial, the original UK sensation. Choose from our Soothing, Purifying, or Balancing options, each one customizable to cater to your skin’s unique needs. With our commitment to purity and natural ingredients, our facials are free from artificial fragrance, colour, preservatives, mineral oils, and parabens. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of carefully selected botanicals and essential oils, unveiling radiant and nourished skin. Discover the ultimate harmony between nature and skincare. Treat yourself to an Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial and embrace a truly indulgent and holistic experience.

60mins RM238

Age Lumina Treatment

Discover Age Lumina treatment by Ten Science Italy: the purifying, anti-pigment, and youth-enhancing skin solution for an even-looking, smooth, and flawless complexion. Age Lumina is a customizable treatment with three types of new generation floral acid blends that do not “aggravate” and suit all skin needs. It is tailor-made to address every skin imperfection.

The formula is the result of advanced technology meeting nature’s finest ingredients, featuring Vitamin PP, A, C, and E, Sea-Age Protein, Flower AHA Age Acids, Phytic Acid, and Ellagic Acid.

Age Lumina is highly recommended for skin of all ages, especially for spots, dullness, and uneven skin. It is excellent as a preparatory treatment before a youth- enhancing protocol.

Surprising results with proven efficacy

  • 90% Skin is more radiant and youthful
  • 85% Reduction in imperfections
  • 65% Reduction in visibility of wrinkle
  • Pleasant and tolerable for 95% clients

60mins RM298

Fill Regen Treatment

Introducing Fill Regen from Ten Science Italy: the youth-enhancing facial treatment with a progressive filler effect. This multi-corrective action treatment renews and replumps the epidermis, filling and smoothing signs of aging. Fill Regen is the result of advanced technology meeting nature’s finest ingredients. The formula features Transversal Active Hyaluronic Acid, Hyalu4acid™, Papain Molecular Film, Hyalulike™, and Anastatica Hierochuntica extract, also known as the Rose of Jericho. From the inside, it stimulates the natural renewal of the epidermis, while from the outside, it smooths the epidermis, visibly reducing the furrows caused by aging. Highly recommended for all skin types that show signs of aging, including deep wrinkles and loss of consistency and smoothness. Visible results from the 1st session
  • Progressive Cosmetic Filler Action
  • Skin Resilience +18%
  • Wrinkles Volume -14.7%
  • Younger looking skin in 60 minutes

90 mins RM488

Casmara Goji Treatment

Introducing Casmara Goji Treatment, a personalized balancing treatment for youthful skin. This professional treatment comes in single-dose phases with the powerful antioxidant benefits of the Algae Peel-Off Goji Mask 2070. The mask is enriched with Goji berries, the fruit of longevity from Tibet, helping to prevent the harmful effects of external factors. It strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, promoting a harmonious and balanced complexion.

The formula also features key ingredients like Betaine Beet, which maintains optimal skin moisturization levels; Honey, a nourishing complex of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes that soothes, regenerates, and nurtures the skin; Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, providing deep hydration and nourishment. Their high vitamin E and omega 3 and 9 fatty acid content offers restorative and antioxidant benefits.

Who is this for?
Young skin. Unisex formula, suitable for young skin ideal for preventing the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.

Goji berry extract, the fruit of longevity. It balances the natural condition of the skin and protects it from external agents delaying and preventing aging.


  • Intensive and long-lasting moisturization.
  • Balance and protection for your skin.

70mins RM358

Casmara Ocean Miracle Treatment

Ocean Miracle is a professional anti-aging treatment known for its intense rehydration and lifting effect. With single-dose phases and advanced marine biotechnology, it concentrates the ocean’s therapeutic power. Combined with the Algae Peel-Off Ionisable Ocean Miracle Mask 3010, it boosts skin hydration, firmness, and elasticity, delivering remarkable results.

The formula also features key ingredients:

  • Concentrated Sea Water: Revitalizes and invigorates with marine plasma.
  • Wakame Kelp Extract: Firms and rejuvenates, enhancing skin quality.
  • Juvenessence®: Detains and reverses cellular aging for a detoxified, youthful look.
  • Hyadisine™: Marine moisturizer surpassing hyaluronic acid’s hydrating capacity.
  • Keratoclean®: Natural active ingredient for gentle exfoliation and detoxification.
  • Rice Bran Oil: Antioxidant-rich with Vitamin E and ferulic acid, combating skin aging for a youthful complexion.

Who is this for?
A unisex formula suitable for all skin types. Especially for those who need profound firming and rehydration. Also indicated for mature skin, even sensitive skin.


  • Powerful moisturizing action that retains 97% more moisture than hyaluronic acid.
  • Activating 14 genes which are responsible for skin firmness.
  • Detoxifying action on cellular level that detains and reverses cellular ageing.
  • Deep firming action to restore lost volume.

Visibly rejuvenated skin after 15 days of Ocean Miracle beauty care. 85% more toned, 90% firmer and 70% more hydrated skin.

70 mins RM358

Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment

Introducing Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment, a personalized revitalizing solution for a youthful complexion, accompanied by the Algae Peel-off Gold Mask 2080 which features 24-carat gold to nourish, revitalize, and firm the skin. It delivers a powerful infusion of vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements, restoring balance lost over time.

The formula features key ingredients such as Trace Oat Protein Complex®, antioxidant blend for regeneration, oxygenation, and moisturization; Oligoeline®, marine ingredient for remineralization and moisturization; EUK- 134®, neutralizes external agents; Ellagi-C®, antioxidant, restores firmness and oxygenation; Vitamin Complex, enhances absorption and efficacy; Aurealis®, ultra-moisturizer, boosts hyaluronic acid synthesis; Natural Jeju Organic Camellia Oil®, moisturizing, anti-aging, and soothing; and Argan Oil, improves elasticity, nourishment, and hydration.

Who is this for?
A unisex formula suitable for all skin types. Especially for those who need luminosity and an immediate recharge of vitality. Also indicated for mature skin, even sensitive skin.

Innovative multivitamin complex and remineralizing formula. Immediate boost in vitality. Comparable to mesotherapy vitamin injections.

It reduces early signs of ageing. It recovers the natural shine of the dermal tissue. Radiant, luminous and revitalized face.

70mins RM358

Casmara RGnerin Treatment

Professional treatment with a powerful perfecting action and a quadruple anti-wrinkle strategy: plumps, regenerates, and smooths the skin while inhibiting repetitive facial movements. Thanks to its extraordinary Botox effect and an advanced combination of multifunctional active ingredients, it delivers exceptional results. The unique formula is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, Botox-effect actives, exquisite nutrient-rich oils, and advanced botanical elements, providing visibly younger, suppler, redensified, and wrinkle-free skin.

The formula features Glycolic Acid that deeply exfoliates, while Lactic Acid rehydrates with enhanced moisturization. Salicylic Acid purifies, and Argireline Amplified® provides a botox-like effect. Castanea Sativa perfects microrelief, Horse Chestnut fills wrinkles and improves firmness, and Amino-Firm tightens and promotes collagen synthesis. Vitamin Shot (Vitamin A, B5, B7, E and F) stimulates cell activity for comprehensive skin improvement.

Who is this for?
For all skin types, from the most dehydrated skin to combination skin types, including skin over 40. Targets wrinkles and prevents future appearance.

Botox effect inhibits muscle contractions and enhancing relaxation. Renewing action exfoliates, stimulates cell renewal, and improves microrelief. Plumping action increased skin-plumping substances and improved hydration, reducing wrinkles from within. Global Anti-Aging action boost hydration, lipids, and essential nutrients for an overall improved complexion at the cellular level.

Relaxed, tension-free face with smoothed, “filled” wrinkles and expression lines. Improved skin micro relief and overall enhancement, redensified and plumper skin, increased firmness and elasticity, a radiant and visibly younger-looking complexion.

70 mins RM358

Selvert Thermal Soin d'Or 24k Gold Facial

Selvert Thermal draws inspiration from the revered metal of gold, cherished by ancient civilizations like Egypt, to offer a truly luxurious and exclusive rejuvenation experience through our exceptional skincare line, Soin d’Or.

Unveil the opulence and allure of each carat on your skin as we utilize the world’s most lavish and effective active ingredients. Pure 24 carat gold, renowned for its cosmetic properties, bestows unparalleled radiance, tightness, and regeneration. Our breakthrough formula incorporates Gold Peptide, stimulating collagen synthesis, and penetrating the deepest layers with its ingenious encapsulation system, ensuring a long-lasting effect. Furthermore, Diamond Peptide regulates cellular function, counteracts oxidative stress, and stimulates the production of the SIRT1 protein.
Embrace a powerful, age-defying technology that directly targets signs of aging, allowing your skin to revive, regain firmness and density, and radiate a perfected luminosity, breathing new life into your complexion.

Gentle exfoliating cream for depigmentation, softening, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cleansing and softening gel to complement Phase 1A.

Apply 24K gold leaves, harnessing the cosmetic properties of this precious metal.

Luxurious oil with regenerative, antioxidant, and firming effects, enhancing radiance and elasticity.

Firming and revitalizing mask for a tightened, bright, and velvety skin.

Rich cream for the final massage, enriched with pure gold and innovative active ingredients, leaving your skin sublime for hours.


  • Head & Shoulder Massage
  • Sole Relief Foot Spa

90mins RM998

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